Why Modern Architecture Is So Popular

Why Modern Architecture Is So Popular

Architecture has seen its fair share of trends, but it seems the modern style is here to stay – in fact, rental and buyer demand for modern and contemporary design has steadily increased over the last 50 years. What is it that draws homebuyers and home designers alike to its style? 

Light – naturally.
Modern architecture maximizes natural light wherever it can. Not only does this save on power bills and reduce your carbon footprint on the environment, it also brings a fresh breath of air to its rooms, making the space seem larger and less claustrophobic than traditional architecture. From a construction standpoint, modern materials such as steel and concrete provide for a larger span requiring less support, allowing for nearly unlimited windows that let in natural light.

Additionally, natural light is better for your health: it promotes proper circadian rhythms which ensure you get a better night’s sleep, so you’re more productive every day. Plus, it reduces the need for fluorescent lights that you encounter all day throughout offices and stores, which causes more eye strain and headache than you probably realize!

Material Variety & Durability – for your design preference and your future.
Traditional wood is susceptible to termite and weather damage and stone is expensive and/or difficult to mine, but modern materials including concrete, steel, and sturdy glass are nearly weatherproof and can be molded to nearly any structure the architect desires. Concrete structures with steel beams have proven to hold up better against inclement weather that has only seemed to become more extreme as the years pass!

Traditional materials can still be used for accent and design, but modern materials provide better durability, ensuring the home or structure lasts for decades with minimal maintenance – again, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Sustainability – for your wallet and the environment.
With longer lasting structures comes less need for additional building and replacement as time passes – meaning less impact on the environment, from material production to installation. Modern architecture also emphasizes structure that becomes one with nature, including shapes and architectural lines that best fit the weather conditions; modern homes can be built to maximize breeze flow during hot months, weather storms and nature during inclement conditions, and so much more. Modern architecture aims to be one with nature, minimizing its environmental footprint and maximizing its benefit to its occupants.

Modern architecture not only makes use of energy-efficient material, but also technological improvements such as solar paneled roofs (or on smaller scales, solar powered water and pool heaters) and smart-home accessories that maximize efficiency and security, including smart safety features, internal comfort controls that raise or lower the temperature when you are away from the house to save power and money, and energy-efficient appliances.

Space – no matter how large or small.
One of the most appealing features of modern homes are their spacious layouts that create a flow-through plan of the home, perfect for families and entertainment. Modern structures, regardless how small or large, opt for clean lines and finishes that provide maximum usability of space – and in providing less form, the structures are able to be customized to whatever the occupants prefer; the previous homeowner may have wanted the kitchen to flow straight into the dining room, whereas the new homeowner may have preferred the kitchen to flow into a family entertainment room; open spaces provide flexibility to do and be both!

Personality – no matter how minimal or maximal!
An open space doesn’t just give you flexibility in layout, it also provides an essentially blank canvas to showcase your own style. Whether it’s through furniture, light fixtures, paintings, or other works of art, a modern home is essentially a gallery that showcases the highlights of your life!

Modern architecture doesn’t have to be cold – though many people do love the industrial, minimal style associated with standard modern design, you can still have cozy and comfortable while making the most of the spacious elements of modern architecture.

What’s more, modern architecture provides a backdrop for beautiful landscaping, and provides a flow-through segue from indoor to outdoor and visa versa. The structure doesn’t just flow through internally – it flows through externally, giving you the opportunity not just to have a magnificent modern home, but also a remarkable property where the natural and manmade blend in union.

If you’re interested in bringing modern design or landscape elements to your home, give us a call today!

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