Style & Location – Modern Home Wall Township, NJ

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Modern Home Wall Township, NJ side view.
Modern Home Wall Township, NJ side angle view.
Modern Home Wall Township, NJ side angleview.

Style & Location – Modern Home Wall Township, NJ

Wall Township, NJ

A well-hidden modern home concealed within the hillside of the site.

Materials & Descriptions

A recently listed undeveloped lot caught the attention of this owner to carry out their vision of living in a modern home and ditch the norm of living in a traditional shingle-style home. The site rises from the street and after reaching its peak has a steep slope down into a peaceful valley of native flowers with unobstructed views of open land. The initial vision was to conceal the home within the steep slope of the hillside. The street-side will be hidden in the hillside while the rear side has framed views overlooking the meadow. Exterior materials will consist of exposed concrete with a stamped wood grain pattern, exposed steel in a powder-coated paint finish, large expansive areas of glass, and nano door walls of glass, stained wood exterior trim details. The front landscape will roll over the top of the home creating a green roof with natural plantings to further conceal the home from the street. The main front entry will be hidden from the street between two parallel walls and a second glass phone booth entry located within the roof garden. Ascending down the driveway one will disappear into an understated garage door entry only to open into the cavernous car showroom within the hillside having display area and car turntable. The main living level will have all the desired open plan spaces of a home, grand entry foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, breakfast room, three-bedroom suites, master suite and ancillary spaces. The main living spaces are tied in with the exterior terrace spaces creating a unified indoor-outdoor living space.

Meeting with the owner on the site several times and at varying times of the day, we learned from the site and owner how to position the modern home, allowing for natural light, setting the sightlines and desired views of the surrounding landscape. The modern home is located on the southern slope with its width across the east-west access allowing for each main living space to have southern views of the valley and natural lighting. Deep overhangs and porches are designed with varying degrees of the sun between the winter and summer solstice letting in the warm winter rays and keeping out the hot summer rays preventing an uncomfortable interior environment. The main gathering space is laid out in the central part of the home overlooking the valley through the large open expansive glass. Setting the stage for the owner to view the four seasons of the northeast from the flowing summer meadow to snow-covered winters. Bedrooms bookend the central living spaces separating bedroom suites from the master suite. Located off the central core and bedroom suites are the exterior gathering terraces with seating, dining, a Rumford fireplace and an infinity-edge pool overlooking the valley. Each of these design elements combined with building within a hillside and an undeveloped lot poses a fair amount of architectural design challenges and local approvals. To achieve the design requirements, Stonewater, along with our on-staff structural engineer, mechanical engineer, site engineer and varying trades worked closely together with the owner to coordinate all aspects of the project to ensure the owner’s vision is met without compromise. Showing off the exposed steel and concrete elements while hiding the mechanical systems within the interior architectural design. Providing a soothing interior devoid of unwanted noise for an escape from the everyday.


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April 16, 2020


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