Modern Terrace Designs: Choosing the Right Style for Your Home

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Modern Terrace Designs: Choosing the Right Style for Your Home

Modern design has been at the center of the architectural stage for several years. The sleek and minimal aesthetic of Modern design seems to appeal to a wide range of consumers, likely because it offers a sense of grandiosity without feeling overbearing or smothering. 

Modern trends have found their way outside the home and into outdoor areas like backyards and terraces. While terraces have been around for centuries, companies like Stonewater Architecture and Interiors are bringing them into the present moment, reimagining classic designs from colonial styles to beach and country styles with a modern eye.

For those not yet on the bandwagon of ultra-modern design, more traditional styles that fuse historical elements with modern-day aesthetics are available. Like most elements of home design, terraces are customizable. There are a plethora of designs to choose from that can help personalize a Terrace.

Closed Terraces Vs. Open Terraces

Both closed and open terraces can offer a breezy and relaxing space with views of surrounding nature. Choosing between a closed or open Terrace is highly contingent on personal preference and budget.

Closed terraces cater to those who want an outdoor feel without the hassle of dealing with outdoor elements. As closed Terraces are entirely covered, things like outside dirt and insects are of minimal concern. Even though they are covered, closed terraces can still offer plenty of light flow. Homeowners can even opt for Terraces made from glazed panes of glass for wall-to-wall views.

Open terraces feature minimal to no overhead covering, allowing users to immerse themselves in the surrounding landscape. They are ideal for those who find delight in a summer breeze or nature sounds. They are also the most wallet-friendly option, as there will be no need to budget for the construction of an enclosure. Open Terraces are ideal for consistent and temperate climates.

For those looking for the middle ground, partially closed terraces are an option. Partially closed Terraces are an option for embracing the outdoors while being protected from rain or sun. They often feature an overhead covering supported by pillars, leaving the rest of the space open to airflow, and are a staple of European terraces.

Choosing a Style


Modern-style terraces keep the embellishments to a minimum, creating an elegant, subdued appearance. Modern Terraces will appeal to those who prefer unpretentious styles that are softer on the eyes. They feature clean lines and geometric shapes that creating a polished and put-together look. They make Modern-style Terraces using stone, metal, PVC materials, and wood.


Traditional Terraces will have historical and cultural features, hence the denomination. Historical elements are seamlessly combined with modern features to create a historical feel that pays homage to days past but can stand up in the present day. Traditional terraces are often built from materials like stone or wood and tend to shy from bright or bold colors.


Inspired by the former British colonies, colonial-style terraces highlight greenery and natural materials like wood, stone, and ceramics, often incorporating coverings supported by a sequence of pillars. This style dates back to the 1600s, with English, French, and Spanish influences, among others. Colonial style is founded on symmetry, meaning colonial terraces appear refined and unassuming.


Beach style terraces often take influence from their ocean or seaside surroundings. This style ties itself to its environment by incorporating tones and textures reminiscent of sand, ocean water, and seashells. Beach style terraces are often made from wood to give a toned-down, easy-going feel.


Favored by those who prefer wooden exteriors, country-style terraces offer a robust yet refined appearance. Country style terraces can be built from other materials like stones if desired but are often made from wood to provide a warm feel similar to that of a log cabin. Although inspired by days of yore, country-style terraces are constructed with the modern consumer in mind.