What or where do I get inspiration for a custom home build?

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What or where do I get inspiration for a custom home build?

So you’ve run your budget and explored the option of purchasing ready-built homes, and you’ve decided you want to proceed with a custom home build. But how do you make sure that the home you’re designing and building is everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more?  By using multiple channels of inspiration to ensure that you’re covering all your bases – from the flooring to the light fixtures (and outlets – never enough outlets these days!), and everything in between.

Sources of home build inspiration:

  1. Local open houses
    There’s nothing like seeing the real thing in person – and you don’t need to waste your time with a realtor to find out about open houses in your area. Websites such as www.realtor.com and www.trulia.com allow you to filter by location and feature an open house status filter – no human contact (or back-and-forth with realtors) required.
  2. Pinterest
    Pinterest isn’t just for fashion bloggers and millennials who love wasting time online – it’s chock-full of endless “Pin Boards” related to anything you could ever need in a home. Create an account (it’s free), and begin to search home improvement, custom home, home design, and more – as you search and save design inspiration to your own boards (you can make them private – nobody else needs to see them), more related suggestions will continue to propagate in your feed.
  3. Instagram
    Yes – that thing you see kids, teens, and adults scrolling mindlessly through all the time is actually an excellent resource for home design inspiration – though finding boards to follow is not as easy as simply typing in topics in Pinterest, it does learn from what you already follow, like, or save (you can save images to “boards” just like in Pinterest), so once you get a start on following a few home
    build/design accounts, you’ll be well on your way to finding more.
    • You can follow accounts, so that their posts will always show up in your feed – a few starters: (type these into the search bar):  @topdezigners @somewhereiwouldliketolive @mymitzi @zgallerie @crateandbarrel @designhome
    • And you can follow hashtags, so that any account, whether you follow them or not, who posts something with that hashtag you follow, will appear on your feed – we recommend: #homedesign #customhome #customhomebuild #homedesignideas
  4. Houzz
    Easy to sort by style, room, and more, Houzz usually even includes the location where you can purchase the items within the picture, going one step above inspiration by giving you the ability to make it yours!
  5. Television and Streaming
    Ever thought someone would tell you to watch more TV? When it comes to inspiration for your home, HGTV and DIY networks offer shows all day, every day that specialize in everything from custom home builds to interior design. Not a network TV fan? Netflix and Amazon Prime have you covered, too! We recommend The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes (Netflix), Trailer (Netflix), Grand Designs (Netflix), Property Brothers and Brother Vs. Brother (HGTV), Flip or Flop (HGTV), Hidden Potential (HGTV), Million Dollar Contractor (DIY), Homes by Design (Prime Video).
  6. Architectural and design magazines
    Pick up (or download to your digital reader) a few and comb through old ones at your local library, if available (who wants to wait 30 days for another round of inspiration?!). We recommend: Dwell, Architectural Digest, Azure, Metropolis, California Home & Design, Gray. You can also visit their corresponding websites for inspiration at any time:
    • www.dwell.com
    • www.architecturaldigest.com
    • www.azuremagazine.com
    • www.metropolismag.com
    • www.calhomesmagazine.com
    • www.graymag.com
  7. Home & design show shows
    Usually, these shows are open to the public if you buy a guest pass (if not, it’s very likely you know someone that knows someone that can get you a pass) – you’ll find all kinds of new features that you probably didn’t even know existed!
  8. Podcasts
    There are podcasts from every subject that spans literally every inch of your property: quality of your land, type of material for construction, exterior design, interior design, and more – we recommend adding a few to your Podcast library and listening to them whenever you’re commuting. Most often, these podcasts will take the form of a casual conversation – you may not need the technicalities of what they’re discussing, but you’ll likely pick up some good pointers throughout the conversations.

Not everyone has the time to research what they do or don’t want in a home. If you have a general idea and need some helping bringing it to full fruition, give us a call today and one of our experts will happily save you all the trouble of Pinterest-pinning, Instagram-following, Houzz-saving, TV-watching that can take up hours of your time.