Ideas for Designing Your Next Modern Living Room


Ideas for Designing Your Next Modern Living Room

Your living room is just as the name describes. It is the room in your home where you relax, entertain, watch TV, visit with family and read books on rainy afternoons. Before you start your next modern living room make-over, ask yourself how you use the room the most. What features do you want to include to make it more comfortable and inviting for you, family, and guests? 

Modern Living Room Ideas

Home design and décor are about bringing function, form, and aesthetics into a pleasing symmetry. If you are a fan of the modern style, then you probably like clean lines, open space, natural lighting, and furniture that delivers pleasing function and form. Everything in the room should have a place, and, ideally, should serve a purpose. 

Idea #1—Embrace the Neutrals

A neutral color palette with warm tones gives any room a warm, cozy feeling. Warm neutrals can save a modern living room from coming across as a bit too harsh or cold. White, or creamy colored walls against soft shades of browns in the furniture, stave off starkness no matter how modern the furniture or décor. 

An overall neutral palette also lets you add pops of a favorite color to balance against blandness. Whether it is a turquoise lamp or a favorite coral throw, any color can become a piece of art against a sea of well-balanced neutral colors. 

Idea #2—Minimal Décor 

Dark wood finishes, like walnut, and tapered legs on chairs and sofas can give a room a modern look without looking overdone. For a truly modern feel, let the furnishings and lighting serve as décor. Minimize the accents, possibly only including one favorite piece of art or family photograph. The minimalist design trend soothes the mind and allows attention to remain focused on the people in the room instead of an overabundance of art and décor. 

Idea#3—Geometric Patterns

With the simplistic feel of a truly modern space, you shouldn’t be afraid of using geometric patterns to bring visual interest to an area. A black and grey rug, tastefully done with geometric shapes, can warm space and create a centerpiece for grouping furniture. While you want to avoid an overabundance of throw pillows, a few with attractive geometric designs spread around for comfort can liven up a piece of furniture. 

Idea #4—Metal and Glass

Some modern enthusiasts shy away from the use of metal and glass in modern room design for fear of creating a space that seems cold and unwelcoming. When used in balance with other elements, metal and glass can look sleek, edgy, and clean without being an overstatement. If you like a streamlined, fresh, ultra-modern look—then look for décor and furniture that uses glass and metal in unique ways. Glass tables with thin metal legs, sculptures, or bookcases are all interesting ways to mix these two design elements into a room. 

Idea #5—Use Lighting Fixtures as Art

There are so many gorgeous and unique modern light fixtures. A modern living room should make use of as much natural lighting as possible, and if you are contemplating a complete remodel, widening or adding windows is well worth the trouble to brighten your living space. However, natural light cannot brighten a room at night or on gloomy winter days. 

You want a variety of lighting options for your newly designed modern living room. Spend some time deciding where you want lighting fixtures, and then determine which ones work best with the bones of your living room. From gorgeous retro metal chandeliers to orb style pendant lights, the hardest part of adding lighting will be deciding when to stop. 

Remember to throw in adequate lamps to brighten dark corners, for reading, and to add warmth and intimacy to a room. Industrial style reading lamps are an iconic favorite in modern living rooms, but you can choose whatever appeals to your sense of form and function. 

Incorporate Industrial Elements in your next Modern Living Room

For a quick and easy way to update your living room to a more modern feel, use a few industrial elements to give it a rugged flair. Darker tones, natural wood, metal tables, and light fixtures styled with industrial materials can add a touch of modern to any room. 

If you are adding darker tones, don’t forget to add a light balance. A large piece of furniture in a light hue, or a rug that brightens the room can be all it takes to create contrast between light and dark tones. 

While the industrial design style is separate from the traditional, modern look, combining a few elements can give your modern space an attractive, eye-catching appeal. Conventional industrial design has its roots in the utilitarian architecture used in early factories. The goal, much like that of modern design, is to combine functional simplicity with elements such as exposed piping, casters, and reclaimed metal and wood. 

Because the roots of each style are founded in simplicity, they compliment each other nicely. If you want to update the look of your modern living room with a bit more visual interest, throw in a few industrial touches to add a new vibe to your space.